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In addition to being used in bathrooms, advertising, construction, transportation and handicrafts, acrylic sheet has a wide range of applications in other fields as well. For example, it can be used to make signage, display refrigerators, aquariums, furniture, basketball hoops, artwork and so on. This is because acrylic sheet has the advantages of high transparency, high gloss, high strength, easy to process, easy to clean and wear-resistant, making it a very desirable material. In applications such as signage and display refrigerators, the high transparency and gloss of acrylic sheet enhances the display effect, while in applications such as aquariums, furniture and basketball hoops, the high strength and abrasion resistance of acrylic sheet improves its durability and safety. In addition, acrylic sheet can be used to make various artworks, such as sculptures, installations, picture frames, etc., to show its artistic sense and aesthetics.

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