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Acrylic sheet with its good workability and thermoformability, in the production of a variety of handicrafts outstanding performance, high transparency and high gloss and other characteristics, but also can improve the beauty of handicrafts and high-grade sense. Therefore, acrylic sheet is very suitable for the production of photo frames, lampshades, tableware, stationery, jewelry, display racks, wine racks, cell phone stands and models and other crafts.

Specifically, acrylic sheets can be used to make highly transparent photo frames, and can also be used to print photos on photo frames through laser printing technology; to make various shapes and sizes of lampshades, so that the light is softer and more uniform; to make high-grade and beautiful tableware, such as dinner plates and cutlery sets; to make fashionable and beautiful stationery, such as pen holders and folders; to make a variety of shapes and sizes of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, so that Jewelry is more beautiful and sparkling; make display racks and wine racks to improve the display effect and beauty of displays and wine bottles; make cell phone holders of various shapes and sizes to improve the display effect and beauty of cell phones; make mannequins, such as art models and medical models, etc., to improve the visual effect and aesthetics of the models.

In short, the high transparency, high gloss, good plasticity and easy processing of acrylic sheet makes it an ideal material for making all kinds of handicrafts, which are widely used in the fields of gifts, home, cosmetics, hotels, shopping malls and so on.

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